An Observation on Sleeping Positions

There are many sleeping positions a cat can choose from. Lately I’ve been trying and testing all of them to find the best one and to find the good and bad sides to each position. So let me take you through them all and share with you my thoughts of each one.

1. The Curl


This is a classic cat sleeping position. This position is good on the couch, on the mat, on the bed, in the sink and on the floor – basically it’s good anywhere! I recommend this position when you’re feeling a little cold as it is especially good for helping you keep warm. The only downside to this position is that sometimes it can make you look much fatter than you really are.

2. The Floor Sprawl


On those hot days there’s nothing better than letting go with the floor sprawl sleeping position. Keep cool and stretch those paws at the same time. Please be aware that this sleeping position can be very dangerous! You are at a much higher risk of accidentally being trodden on by an unsuspecting human or having your exposed stomach rubbed by a human who just can’t resist!

3. The Eye Protector


What can I say, sometimes you have the perfect spot but those damn humans won’t turn off the lights! Sometimes I don’t mind but other times I just want to sleep in the darkness. If this happens to you then don’t despair, all you need to do is drape a paw over your eyes and there you have it – your very own eye protector, you’d never know the lights were still on. The only downside with this position is that you get pins and needles in your paw after about 20mins.

4. The Pillow Rest


This is the most human like of all the sleeping positions I mention in this blog. Sometimes you just want to feel more civilised and the pillow rest position certainly helps! The only downside to this one is that you get an aching neck and it’s harder to turn your head upside down when you feel like you really want to kick back and relax. I usually prefer to do this position on a Sunday afternoon just before I go out on my third patrol of the day as I only have time for a small nap so I don’t want to get myself too relaxed otherwise I’ll not want to go out and then it’ll be just my luck to find Ginge trespassing on my territory!

5. The Full Flop


The full flop is a sleeping position that I have only recently discovered and I must say it’s the best! Find the back of a chair and just allow yourself to totally relax, let your whole body fully flop. Sometimes when I do this position I meditate and have outer body experiences. You’ve never relaxed to the maximum if you’ve never tried the full flop. There are no downsides to this sleeping position.

I hope you found this blog very useful.

Happy flopping!


18 responses to “An Observation on Sleeping Positions

  1. Oh, Morris, how you made me laugh! Thank you! I love your site so much I pushed the follow button! Wait until you see Rusty and Whispers…….2 of the many…..LOL. Oh, gee, this human hand does err. Of course you already saw Rusty. Whispers will be on in about 20 minutes. LOL
    MomofMany(cats) hehehehehehehe

      • LOVE your site. Only one who really “gets cats” like me, can appreciate what Morris says and does. Too funny. IF I have time today, I will be putting another post on with Rusty as the demonstrator. This one is a series of pics that show “How to retrain Nasty to Good” or something like that. This one too will make you laugh! The ONLY time Rusty is still is when he is sleeping. LOL

        Love, Amy

  2. Excellent stuff – I was driving through Margate just the other day and think you might have sprinted across the road in front of my vehicle. Plainly I am glad there was no collision!

  3. Great demonstration of some of most self-respecting cats’ fave sleeping positions… favorite one of yours would be the Full Flop. Works well on top of a pillow OR on the arm of a sofa which is rounded like mine is! Well done.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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