An Interview With Smokey the Cat

Smokey the cat lives next door to me and is also my best friend. He took me under his wing when I was a kitten when I first ventured outside. We roamed around together and he showed me all the best spots to hang out. I lounge in his house and he comes to lounge in mine, we eat each others food and have fun fights. He taught me all I know, he is very old now so he has much wisdom. I thought it would be interesting to interview Smokey for my blog so here it is for your enjoyment!

Morris: How long have you lived at your current house?

 Smokey: About ten years, before that I lived in Ramsgate, Kent. My human companion who was an old human man died and my current human man moved into the flat and decided to look after me . Then after a few years we moved house to this one.

 Morris: What did you think when I came along?

 Smokey: At first I thought who is this punk taking over my territory and I didn’t think I’d want anything to do with you but then when I got to know you I thought you seemed OK and being around a young cat made me feel young again.

 Morris: As an old cat do you have any wise words you can impart that could be useful for younger cats such as myself?

 Smokey: That’s difficult as there is so much wisdom that I could impart onto a younger cat. I think probably the most important thing I have to say is don’t ever think you’re invincible because you’re not. Some cats just run out across the road without a care and then they get killed, I’ve seen it happen too many times.

 Morris: What do you love about life the most?

 Smokey: Food and napping. I like a good cosy blanket next to a radiator. I’m also quite partial to a bit of cat nip, it makes me feel so happy! When I was young I used to love to fight with other cats and explore and play but now I prefer the quieter more relaxing side of life.

 Morris: I’ve never been very interested in cat nip but I do love my food! What things really annoy you?

 Smokey: Having to go out in the cold to do a poo or wee. Trying to do a poo or wee when a fox or another cat is watching, that really annoys me, I mean why do they want to watch, it’s disgusting! Fur balls, I get a lot of fur balls! Going to eat my food only to find that some other cat has scoffed the lot! And lastly probably being woken up by you pouncing on me! You are so annoying when you do that!

 Morris: Sorry but I just can’t resist sometimes! Thanks for letting me interview you Smokey, you are now free to nap.

 Smokey: You’re welcome,  it has been a pleasure!


Smokey napping in the curl position with his head upside down.


Lounging in my house, trying out some cardboard boxes.




Smokey in my favourite spot, I was not pleased about this!



This is me in my younger days watching Smokey lounge and gaining some valuable lounging tips.


Here’s smokey doing some yoga in my garden.




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