A Book Review by Morris the Cat

Lately I have read a few books that I thought worth mentioning on my blog. 

The first book is called Pussy, For Cats That Should Know Better ISBN: 059305346x 


Pussy is a magazine style book featuring articles and adverts aimed at a young male feline audience. Topics featured in the book include, 33 things you didn’t know about goldfish, 1000 reasons why dogs are stupid, catnip – the shocking truth about this terrifying drug craze and a full frontal shoot with Millie the cat.

I did find the book on the whole amusing and many articles were very interesting especially an article about sleep. However, I was very disappointed with the article on Millie the cat  as I do not agree with the objectification of female cats and this article did just that. Millie is a very beautiful cat but why does she always have to be posing in suggestive positions for tom cats to drool over! I’m sure there is a lot more to Millie besides her looks and sex appeal!  I also found many of the articles to be speciesist, especially the one about 1000 reasons why dogs are stupid and there were also many derogatory comments about humans. As a kitten I was terrified of dogs and some still scare me today but I believe that they are intelligent and I would never be prejudice against a dog just because they are a dog as they are still fellow sentient beings like you or I, in fact I have spent many a summer afternoon running around playing with some of the friendly dogs in the grassy square in front of my house. I also disagree with all of the negative comments about humans as some of my best friends are humans and they are very kind, they feed me and give me a home. 

Below is a picture of me enjoying one of the more interesting articles from the book which was in the sports section and was an article about a fight between Fred and Tiggy last Thursday.


The second book I would like to review is a murder mystery called Murder Past Due (Cat in the Stacks Mystery) by Miranda James. The books is the first in a series and is about a librarian called Charlie Harris and his rescued Maine coon cat called Diesel, it is set in Athena, Mississippi. It didn’t take me long to read this book as I could not put it down! Both Charlie and Diesel work together to discover who murdered Charlie’s former classmate Godfrey Priest. The characters in the book are brilliantly portrayed, I especially loved the character of Diesel. The story is full of suspense but does not contain foul language (which I personally detest!) and it is not gory or very violent. I recommend reading this book! 

Below is a picture of the book.


I hope this blog was useful to those of you who like a book that is aimed at the cat or cat lover audience. If you have any cat related books that you can recommend I read then please let me know.

Until next time, Goodbye! 



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