Curiosity does NOT kill cats!

Hello my friends and any new readers out there that I may not have met! I hope that you are all having a wonderful day! 

I thought that  it would be nice for my readers to get to know me better and for me in turn to get to know some of you better. I admit, I am a curious cat! But I can tell you that curiosity has never done me any harm, curiosity in fact does NOT kill the cat! 

By now you’re probably wondering many things about this mysterious, handsome, intelligent and sophisticated cat you see before you so I now invite you to ask me any question that you like and I shall answer it with 100% honesty! Just post it in the comments section of this blog and I shall reply with my answer.

In turn I will ask a question back to anyone who asks me a question, thus satisfying my great curiosity, meow!

So I guess you could say this is a win/win situation! 🙂



25 responses to “Curiosity does NOT kill cats!

  1. Hi Morris….well let’s see….what can I ask you….well, I know your age and where you live and with whom…..Are you an “only cat” in your house? I know you have friends you visit but do you have your whole house to yourself like I do????

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

    • Yes I do Sammy 🙂 I love being an only cat as I have the luxury of my own place but then I can go outside and hang out with my friends until I get sick of them and want to be alone. I love my own company a lot! 🙂

      • Hi Morris! Let’s see….my favorite toy (at least right now) is a piece of tissue paper I stole from my Mom when she was wrapping presents. I adore tissue paper. It makes such a delightful sound when it’s poked and I like to tunnel under it and wait for a human to walk by so I can pounce. Tissue isn’t a “traditional” cat toy but I’ve never been traditional. I like being ME!

        Holiday Hugs, Sammy

    • The answer is no. I was in love with my friend Narla from the upstairs flat who is pictured in one of my blogs ‘reminiscence of summer’. I kept my love a secret and never got to tell her as she moved away before I got the chance. I was asked out on a date by my friend Gypsy but I said no as I am happy just to be friends.I have decided now that I am happy to be a single bachelor but you never know when someone special could come along and capture your heart! 😉 Purrs and paw hugs.

      • Sorry to hear that Narla moved away before you had the chance to tell her how you feel. 😥 Poor sweet little Morris!! We hope you’re not too heartbroken…

        As for your question… our relationships with Mimi and Yelloz are doing great… the only problem is the lack of paw to paw contact… guess that’s the downside of long distance relationships… 😉

      • I am glad it is going well with Yelloz and Mimi 🙂 I think with Narla it was probably best that nothing happened as I really did go a little stupid when I was in love, now I feel more in control and anyway I really don’t think I’m the relationship type. I Enjoy being single 🙂

      • Oh I certainly do 🙂 All that lounging time and freedom to do as I please without a girl cat trying to get me to play or go to her house! And I don’t have to share my treats or food with anyone else 🙂

  2. Dear Morris, you Handsome Friend !!!
    I like asking this classic question :
    “If a fairy comes to you and asks you to make one wish that will come true, what will it be?”
    And additional thanks to you for asking dear Roxy&Tigerlino Purrfect Kitties about our relationship 🙂 Long distance is hard but LOVE is good 🙂
    Nose Touch and Purrs

    • Thank you for your brilliant question and I am so happy that your relationship is going well!

      I have a very content and happy life with everything I could ever want and need so I don’t think I would wish for anything for myself. Instead I would wish for all cats to have a loving and forever home like me as I know that there are a lot of cats who are not as lucky as I am and it makes me feel very sad!

      I think that was such a good question that I am now curious to know what your answer would be Yelloz, so my question back to you is the same question “If a fairy comes to you and asks you to make one wish that will come true, what will it be?” 🙂

      • Wow, Dear Morris, you are a true good cat and you have a very good soul. That is a very thoughtful and kind approach. You are both a self-sacrificing and a handsome cat. I’m proud to hear/read your opinion.
        Well, since your wish saves all the cats suffering, then I can selfishly use mine for me. (Of course it would be wise to ask the fairy : my wish is to have the power to have unlimited wishes both for me and for my friends and for every living being, but then it would be meaningless :-))
        So my wish is to delete all my fears and prejudiced thoughts, so that I could live a peaceful life in the mind.
        Thank you for being curious and starting a topic for all of us 🙂
        Purrs and tail wave

      • That is a very good answer! I think you should wish for the humans to have that too then the world would be a much happier place! I have seen some awful things on the picture box that humans do to each other because they are prejudiced.
        Paw five and paw hugs 🙂


    • Why hello and thank you for your very interesting question! I would like to have the magic power of teleportation so that I could visit all of my friends from around the world and then come back home again whenever I want.

      I like your question so much that I have decided that I will ask the same question back to you, so if you could have a “magic” power what would it be? and what would you use it for?

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