Oh No Not The Vacuum Cleaner!

Why do the humans insist on spoiling my lounge time by getting the monster they call the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard! It is terrifying! I know I am not the only cat who thinks this, as my friends Roxy and Tigerlino also agree!Β 

Do you like my hiding place that I went to today when the vacuum cleaner came out? Nothing could ever get me when I’m hiding behind these books!Β 



21 responses to “Oh No Not The Vacuum Cleaner!

  1. Morris that’s a GREAT hidey hole…..no way can the monster get you with you tucked in nice and tight behind the footstool. I can’t understand the fascination humans have for that noisy thing myself…..!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  2. OMG! Poor Morris!!! 😯 We can’t understand why humans are so fond of that noisy monster that eats everything in its path… *shudder* It’s soooo scary!! Why not just throw it away???? We don’t like the monster one bit! It hurts our ears and we’re always afraid it’s going to suck up our tails… Unfortunately the humans seem to have fun playing with it… 😑

    Your hiding place is BRILLIANT, Morris!! Now way will the fat, ugly monster find you there… You’re REALLY smart, sweety! 😎 We always hide under the bed… but the monster finds us EVERY TIME!! 😦

    Have a PURRFECT Sunday, sweety! πŸ™‚
    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

    • Oh thank you! The rest of my Sunday was a lot more relaxing. I will have to come up with a plan to destroy the vacuum cleaner monster! If you have any ideas please let me know πŸ™‚ Paw Fives to both of you, Morris πŸ™‚

      • Morris! I am down on bended knee. I must vacuum so pretty please don’t gang up with my guys to destroy the vacuum monster. This house would be quite the mess. It is a necessary evil. Sorry to say. Twas is. Just is.

        Oops, Mom Bonza

      • Morris, I have this “discussion” with my gang all the time. (sigh) You guys LOVE smells and messes. Yeegods, you revel in them. But humans like me, that is, like neat. Plain and simple. I really try to compromise by leaving out all the toys and afghans on the floor as is ( I even vacuum around them sometimes), but even that is not good enough.

        The STINK I get, the ATTITUDE I get is out of this world. One would think I committed murder or something. I clean ONLY when I absolutely cannot stand it, and even though I wash off all those good scents, I tell my guys I am giving them a fresh start to start all over again. LOL

        xxoo and Purrzzzzzz, Mom Bonza

      • Well, you sound like you really do try to compromise but I could never agree to the vacuum cleaner sticking around, why not use a brush, I don’t know about other cats but I love it when you humans get the brush out, I can follow it around and pounce on it, it’s so much fun! And the brush does not make a horrible noise and suck everything in it’s path like a psychopath! Paw Five, Morris.

      • Naw, brush is too dusty. A-CHOO! I have allergies! Gee whiz! Hey, Morris, did ya see the YouTube thingy where this cat, yep a CAT is sitting on a vacuum? It’s one of those automatic ones that just go all by itself and this cat LOVED it? Would you settle for sometin’ like that?

        HighFive Paws…….Doodles

      • Gotta ask my Dad. I don’t have that link. I just heard Dad telling Mom. I’ll get back to ya, Morris. Maybe you can get over your vacuum fears by watching this. Meow!!

      • Gotta go tippy toe to see if Dad is in “receiving mode”. He quittin’ nasty cigs and he is bearish. I promise I will let you know……

        Max…..(we must work as a team….butter ‘um up….)

    • I know! and then they cleaned things so now I have to rub my scent on everything again! Those humans can be very inconsiderate at times! Although I did get some treats so it wasn’t all bad! πŸ™‚

  3. You look very safe behind those books Morris! Surely no vacuum would ever get you there. We like to hide in the pillows on the bed when our monster comes out!

    ~ Chubbs & Roma from Me, You and Zu

    • That link did not work 😦 but I searched on you tube (I am good like that, I have learned many computer skills watching my human companions!) I think I got the one you mentioned and that vacuum does not look as scary as the one that is in my house, I think I could get used to the one in the video. Paw Five, Morris πŸ™‚

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