10 Interesting Things About Me!

Today I was awarded the Sunshine Award by my friend Migotka who writes the blog http://meltwaterblog.wordpress.com

Thank you so much Migotka! High paw fives to you! 


One of the rules for accepting the award is that I have to tell everyone 10 interesting things about me! Yippee, how fun! So here they are, I hope you enjoy reading them!

1. My human companions named me after the singer Morris Day from the music group ‘Morris Day and the Time’. They thought I looked like a very cool character just like Morris Day. Of course my cat name can not be spelled in English, and the cat language has no written form, so that will have to remain secret between me and my cat friends. Here is a picture of Morris Day and a link to a you tube video of him in his music video ‘Jungle Love’. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2FPQvwhSDY


2. My favourite type of music is funk music as it drives me wild and gets me moving like the coolest cat in town! 

3. I love to be stroked under my chin.

4. I hate to be interrupted when I am cleaning myself, it takes a lot of concentration and hard work!

5. I have white whiskers above one eye and dark whiskers above the other.

6. I like to hide under the bath, behind the bath panel when I have had a shock or feel anxious, it is my secret alone place. I think everyone should have a secret alone place!

7. Once I walked to the beach with my female human companion, but more about that another time.

8. I used to have a brother called Bobby who was a rat but he died in 2012.

9. I like to lie on my female human when she goes to bed as she makes a comfy pillow and gives me lots of cuddles and massage.

10. Sometimes I drink my human’s bath water when they are not looking!

Bye for now and hope you are all having a purrfect day! 



12 responses to “10 Interesting Things About Me!

  1. Thanks for nominating me for this award! It always makes me feel special when people take the time to think of me 🙂 You seem like a cool cat Morris. Cinco and Manna love to curl up with me (their female human companion) just like you like to curl up with your female human companion. You guys would get along famously. Oh, and by the way, I think your two different color eye whiskers are totally pawsome 🙂

  2. Congratulations my furriend and thank you so much for nominating us, Morris. It’s nice to learn a little bit about you and it’s so COOL that you had a brother rat. I have to ask Santa for one… Thanks again and Pawkisses are on the way 🙂

  3. Our one cat loves to drink bath water too! He will sit there and stare at us until we are done (it’s a little creepy… I think it’s to motivate us to wash faster) then rush in for what we call his “tea time”.

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  5. Greetings Morris!!

    I have nominated you fur the WordPress Family Award!

    Fur more information, visit:
    hairballexpress.wordpress.com *

    I like your story about your rat brother… When I made My post about the award, I hadn’t read it… I was hurrying because I was using someone else’s computer (the humans’laptop is down)… Sorry he isn’t with you anymore. He was a cute little guy….


      • Morris Morris I got one too!!!! How exciting we got the same one together! I have my post all ready to be put up. I’m waiting for another hour or so and then up it goes!! For the rest of the day and all this night (did you know it is DAY on the other side of the world when we have night?) so peeps see this glorious award. I am SO honored! Shrimp…..what a Kool Kat!

        Purrrzzzzzz, Mom Bonza

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