Christmas time often makes us think of those who we love but who are not here with us any more. I would like to share with all my readers my thoughts about someone special to me who sadly passed away last year on June 3rd 2012. That someone special is my brother from another mother, Bobby the rat.

Bobby the rat was rescued by the RSPCA in 2010 as he was being kept my someone who was going to feed him alive to snakes! I can not imagine how terrifying it must have been for him to smell the snakes near by and he was also supposedly kept in a small tank with other rats and who knows how he was treated by the humans but I am guessing they weren’t very nice. When my human girl went to see him at the RSPCA he was very shy and nervous. Bobby had also had a big fight with his brother Billy and had many cuts and scratches so he had to be treated for those before he was allowed to go home with my human girl but finally after waiting a few weeks she could take him home to his new castle and forever home! 

Bobby was such a lucky rat as he was given lots of tasty vegan food, he was taken out for walks and got to play on the beach and he had a lot of room to run around. My cat tunnels were originally Bobby’s and he would love to hide in them. It wasn’t until a year later in June 2011 that I moved in. When I first set eyes on Bobby my cat instincts took over and I wanted to grab him and play with him. My humans wouldn’t let me in the same room as him unless I could be unsupervised and I was locked out when he was let out of his huge cage. Once I got used to him and realised that he could bite back and was part of my family I stated to love him like a brother. I would sit next to his cage to be close to him and I would watch him, he gave me some very good lounging tips! I was also allowed to say hello to him when he was out of his cage when my girl human held him. I think that if he had lived longer eventually we could have hung out together and I would even have allowed him to sleep on my back, I wish that I had had that chance to be that close to him. 

It was very sad when he died of cancer last year. I watched my girl human feed him with a syringe and nurse him but in the end he had to go to rat heaven 😦 Bobby had a wonderful life with my humans and I will never forget him. He was a very special rat!

Here are some pictures of him so you can see how lovely he was. 




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15 responses to “REMEMBERING BOBBY

  1. Hey sweet Morris! We’re so sorry to hear that Bobby passed away. He was such a cute and lovely little fellow. We’re so glad your human girl rescued him and gave him a nice home!! What a beautiful thing to do. 🙂

    Have a verry Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful time!

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

  2. Morris I’m so sorry you lost your little buddy Bobby – he was very cute and I’m sure he lived “the live” with you all which is something you can be very happy about. We miss those who have moved on – but no doubt Bobby is keeping an eye on you from Rat Heaven!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  3. Morris, I’m so sorry to hear about his story. I hope he rests in peace. Thank you and thank you to your gold hearted human girl. Think of it otherwise, if she hadn’t rescued him before, he wouldn’t have lived and experienced all those memories and good vegan food next to you. I wish he hadn’t passed away, but this is life’s most inevitable and sad reality. It is so kind of you to remember and share about him with us.
    We are sorry…
    Yelloz and family

  4. Oh, how heart touching. Morris, I am truly sorry you miss your friend. I know all about that. My heart still hurts for my Tigger, who was my soulmate. He had to go to cat heaven this past summer and when he did, I cried. Meow!

    Head bumps,

    • Oh I’m sorry to hear you have also lost a loved one but I’m sure we’ll be with them again when our time comes and until then they will remain in our hearts and minds. Rubs and Purrs, Morris.

  5. Awww..what a lovely, but also sad tribute about your little furriend Bobby, Morris. It’s always hard to remember our precious animals, but we’re sure they always will be nearby, even if we can’t see them anymore. We also have remembrance day at Christmas. We have a candle with six candles and they’re only lightened at Christmas and New Years Eve and Granny always sheds a tear, when she lights the candles and say the corresponding names 😦 Pawkisses for a Merry Merry Christmas my furriend 🙂

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