Many of my friends have requested that I write a post about how to live a happy and fulfilling life as I am quite wise and knowledgeable on the subject. So here are my top six tips for living in purrfect harmony.
1. A contented cat is a happy cat so learn to be content with what you have in life. It does no good to be yearning for this or that or to be always looking at others and thinking that they have a better life than you or more treats or a bigger garden, thinking like this will only make you miserable! Although, this is not to say that one must make do with what one has and not strive for more, but if you have a dream then you won’t achieve it without first appreciating what you have now in the present and being content. Many cats make the mistake of thinking that if they are content they won’t strive for better, this belief holds no truth and only hinders the journey towards a better life.
2. Do not allow yourself to be a greedy cat. Feline obesity is on the rise and for yowling out loud do you really want to be confined to the house, unable to chase a ball or climb a wall? Do you want to have rolls and rolls of excess flab to lick clean (that’s if you can even reach it)? If you are a sensible cat your answer to my questions will be no! However, I see too many cats scoffing their faces and over eating, well if you are one of them I urge you to stop before it is too late! Don’t waste your life by becoming obese!
No not my food!


3. Keep your pride and self respect intact at all times. Cats are a rather unique species; we are the most proud and self respecting of all the animals in the animal kingdom. We take time to clean ourselves and purrfect our look, we walk and move with eloquence and grace, with our heads held high. However, there are some cats who insist on rebelling against their feline nature, they seldom clean themselves and some even allow the humans to bathe them! Like dogs, some cats pander to human desires- using human lavatories, wearing leads and letting the humans dress them like dolls! They make the rest of us cats look bad and they destroy their own self respect! I find it disgusting and demoralising!
I always carry myself with pride!

I always carry myself with pride!

4. Learn to love yourself. It is important that you love yourself, if you can’t do this then you will find it impossible to love somebody else. Some cats feel ugly and worthless because they don’t look like the cats on the cat food adverts or in the films, what these cats must realise is that every cat is beautiful in their own unique way. Each day I study my own reflection in the window and I concentrate on my best feature and I repeat the mantra ‘you are a purrfect cat, with a pawsome personality, gorgeous silky fur and striking eyes’, then I tell myself ‘I love you’. I find that this helps me to keep my self esteem and confidence high.
5. If in doubt have a nap. I have come across many a cat suffering from stress and anxiety because they are worrying or are doubting something. I always tell cats in this situation to go and have a nap and then everything will be better when they wake up. They will wake refreshed with an ability to think clearly about their problem. This advice has never failed yet!
6. Share a thought for the strays. Not all cats are lucky enough to have a forever home, many live their life on the streets without comfort or the assurance that they will be regularly fed. Be kind and leave the strays some of your food or invite them to visit your home for a nap.
Not all of us are lucky enough to have a dependable human to hug.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a dependable human to hug.



  1. Morris you have such great advice for felines and indeed their peeps! we always spare a thought for the not so lucky kitties and puppies …have a great day Morris hugs Fozziemum and gang xxx

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