Hello friends,

I have recently been pondering the subject of humans. Since meeting more cats both on-line and in my neighbourhood I have discovered that cats have very mixed feelings when it comes to humans. I personally enjoy the company of humans and think that most of them are very nice and kind and I see them as equals although I do not dispute that there are many ways in which the abilities of cats surpass human abilities. Some cats detest humans, believing themselves to be superior in every way, they will not have anything to do with humans or if they do then they make their life hell, other cats are afraid of them and some cats worship them like they are their masters. My use of the internet has also increased my knowledge of humans and their relationships to cats, I have discovered that there are some evil humans who torture us in the name of science or for their own sick enjoyment, there are others that treat us as objects – dressing us up and such like but then there are those who go out of their way to help us and look after us such as my wonderful friends : LadyPinkrose@,,  just to name a few! (sorry if I have left anyone out).

Humans do have their oddities, here are some thoughts on some of the odd things that I have noticed about humans. One of the humans’ greatest weaknesses is that weird food they eat and go crazy for called ‘cake’. They have it on special occasions such as birthdays or when they decide they can’t resist the temptation. I have closely watched humans when they eat this cake and it has a strange effect on them which looks very similar to Smokey when he’s got some cat nip. I once had a taste of some cake and it was absolutely disgusting! I have no idea why they love it so much! Another of their oddities is their desire to immerse themselves into water for up to an hour or sometimes two in what they call ‘a bath’. Us cats can clean ourselves in 20 minutes tops, we are made with our own in-built cleaning system, however humans are not. Sometimes the humans will opt for a quick shower but if they decide to treat themselves and relax they opt for a bath and sometimes they even add potions and foaming things which makes it taste yucky for any cats who want a drink! Why on earth they would choose to spend so long immersed in water amazes me! Another odd thing about humans is their perceived inability to survive without clothes. Us cats have our silky warm fur to keep us warm but human’s skin and hairs are not good enough for keeping them warm and protected. What is very odd is that the humans don’t just wear the clothes for their useful function they wear an array of different clothes in an attempt to look good and pertain to a certain style that they develop themselves, whereas us cats are born with style! I emerged into the world wearing a Tuxedo I didn’t have to buy one from a shop to look this good!

This is all I have to write on the subject of humans for now, but I will be writing about them on a later date as there is so much more one can say on the subject, for now I will relax and nap.

I hope that you have all have a good weekend! Purrs…



Curiosity does NOT kill cats!

Hello my friends and any new readers out there that I may not have met! I hope that you are all having a wonderful day! 

I thought that  it would be nice for my readers to get to know me better and for me in turn to get to know some of you better. I admit, I am a curious cat! But I can tell you that curiosity has never done me any harm, curiosity in fact does NOT kill the cat! 

By now you’re probably wondering many things about this mysterious, handsome, intelligent and sophisticated cat you see before you so I now invite you to ask me any question that you like and I shall answer it with 100% honesty! Just post it in the comments section of this blog and I shall reply with my answer.

In turn I will ask a question back to anyone who asks me a question, thus satisfying my great curiosity, meow!

So I guess you could say this is a win/win situation! 🙂