Today I have spent most of the day pondering about Valentine’s Day.

I sit and ponder...
I sit and ponder…


After a little research I discovered that Valentine’s day dates back all the way to the Roman times and to a Christian priest called Valentine who was killed for conducting illegal marriages. In the 1300’s Valentines day became associated with love and romance and sweethearts began to send each other cards in the 17th century. 

The celebration of Valentine’s day now seems very far removed from its origins and seems to have been taken over by consumerism, I see adverts everywhere of companies trying to cash in on Valentine’s day. How happy I am that us cats are not so concerned by something so corruptible as money!

As a cat I do not place very much importance on human customs to begin with but after much thought I have decided that this one is particularly very silly! A very important attribute of being a cat is that we like to do as we please and we care not for being told what we should do, therefore the idea of celebrating a custom in which we are told that we have to be romantic and give gifts and cards to our lovers on a certain day is very against the cat philosophy and way of life. I will be romantic if and when I please and if I want to give romantic gifts I will give them when I want and not because of some silly human custom! 

In addition to what I have already said,  Valentine’s day could make one feel sad if one does not have a girlfriend or boyfriend, what about celebrating the freedom of being single and loving oneself?! It also encourages people to make fools of themselves by sending cards to people they quite fancy only to find that the feeling is not mutual hence making themselves look like purrthetic idiots!  A cat would never lower ones self to this level of purrthetic behaviour! 

So, to answer the question that everyone has been thinking which is how will such an eligible bachelor such as myself spend Valentine’s day, I can announce that I will be going on an Anti Valentine’s day “date” with my good friend and previous object of my affections – Gypsy the cat. We have both agreed that we would like to celebrate our choice to stay free and single by having a get together and being the least romantic as possible! I will let you all know how my Anti Valentine’s non-date with Gypsy the cat goes on Friday.

For now I must get some beauty sleep! Au revoir! (one of my human’s has been learning French and I have been secretly picking it up!)