This caturday I am the luckiest cat in England! I have been given a gift from my human pals, they’ve only gone and got me my own personal drinking fountain! Not only that but I also got a wonderful new box that the fountain came in. 




Hello my good friends and new readers and I must not forget those who secretly read my blog without a trace!

As of late my humans have been using the computer non stop for tasks they consider very important. Are they not aware that my blog is the most important thing on earth!?!

This means I have had limited time to use the computer but at last on this fine Caturday I have regained control of the computer! 

I have something to tell all of my blogging buddies, it is something that I have been thinking about a lot recently, it is in regards to the awards. I am always so honoured and overwhelmed to receive awards and I think they are just lovely but they do take up a lot of time and as you now know my time on the computer is precious. I feel that the time I take to put the awards up, nominate and everything else that goes along with the awards is taking away time that I could be looking at my friend’s lovely blogs and catching up with what they have been doing or I could be posting something very interesting for you all on my blog. So I have decided that I will no longer take part in the awards process. If someone wants to nominate me then I will take it as a token of appreciation and I will be very flattered but I will not post the award or nominate etc. I hope that you all understand, I am sure that will. 

I would like to wish you all have a lovely Caturday! My Caturday will be spent catching up with my online friends, gazing out of the front window and napping then later tonight I am hoping a few of my paw pals will be out and about so I can play with them. So tell me, what are your plans this Caturday? Have you anything exciting planned? 

Purrs and high paw fives to everyone who is reading this!